On the works: December

Hello Everyone!

Late work update just a couple of days far from Christmas! Most people are chilling, having fun and getting ready for the holidays, but not for the sad me who is working her ass out on a larger graphite pice for next year’s solo show, that and between the family compromises and a terrible flu I just caught it’s making a bit harder to complete this – hopefully almost finished- drawing.

All december crazy season has also slowed me down with the social media and blog updating, sorry! But I’m here now sharing a bit of what’s going on on the drawing table.

With each drawing the learning experience changes a bit and requires you to build you own system, or even sometimes you need to improvise in order to achieve the quality finish you’re looking for. Some textures needs you to do certain things (exaggerate the contrast in the image and then soften all tones down with different pencils), some others need to be extra soft and you need to build layer by layer the tonal scale you need.

Well.. this drawing really has it all, and something that’s being a little unexpected is that (according to lots of comments) it’s reaching a realism look. Not what I’m consciously looking for it but I believe it’s a nice thing as this means I’m improving myself. This also will ask people to open a bit more their perception as the images are not anymore a cartoonish representation of the grotesque and the tragedy, it does not look like a fairy tale illustration anymore (I believe). The artworks will force the audience to really engage with the visual representations in there, understand them and embrace them.

Can’t wait to show all the finished works and hear your comments!!

In the meantime this are some cropped details,

Hope you enjoy them and Happy Holidays!

A real challenge to draw faces off-focus!

Funny perspective and color (photo taken with the phone), but it does tell you a bit more about the scale:

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