‘Hectic Bloom’ now available for purchase

Hello everyone!

A couple days ago I received back one of my early drawings from 2012. It was a nice experience to see this one again after three years! like finding an old picture of yourself and realizing how much have you changed in those years. There’s been a long learning process during this time, but there’s something I’ve been missing too from those early artworks that I’m feeling to revisit in my upcoming works.

For this I considered keeping the piece for my own, but It would be extraordinary also to find a home for ‘Hectic Bloom’ and that’s the reason I’ll make available this piece for purchase.

A framed 30 x 37 cm (11.8 x 14.5 inches) Indian ink & colored inks drawing on paper from 2012 · Kikyz1313

‘Hectic Bloom’ (Contact me to: info@kikyz1313.com for inquiries)


'Hectic Bloom'

· detail:

· detail

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