Late January WIP Update

Happy belated New Year wishes to all!!

The first month of the year has been more busy than I expected, April is fast approaching and struggling between deadlines and the personal crazy whims with my drawings (more and more detailing, and more elements, or super crazy textures, that sort of things)

January has been also a month of experimentation, I’ve been trying to pull back some aesthetic elements from my very early works and figuring out how to blend them with my current techniques, also starting (almost daily) some rough ink sketches to improve my quick drawing skills, so far super fun, and will share some of them in the future (when I have a whole bunch)

Also I’ve been thinking about opening a Patreon account, so all of you who would like to get involved with  my art process and to participate directly with it, it will be a great opportunity, I’ll be giving more information very soon once I figure out all the rewards and I get familiar with the Patreon system.

Would you be interested?

In the mean time this are some of the progress I’ve been making with my sixth drawing (and about to be completed)

Hope you like it.

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