Through my work I am trying to build an emotional momentum, one that rouses the intellectual exercise of questioning one’s vision of reality. While looking at my artwork, the viewer will begin to experience a series of diametrically opposed thoughts and emotions. Initially they may feel overwhelmed by the obsessively intricate and highly detailed forms, the composition, the technical skill and the pleasant color vibrations but as an analytical shift in perception slowly overtakes them, the viewer unwittingly grasps the artwork’s inescapably wretched and subversive subject matter. This new clarity forces the observer to reengage with the work and rethink their initial opinions until, in some way or another, the shift takes place and the observer’s perception of natural things expands to include elements such as disease and death itself. While these types of human experiences are often veiled, the artwork truly embraces them and functions as a reminder of our ephemeral existence and places in doubt our vain and materialistic way of understanding life.This intellectual exercise will continue to expand until the conceptual structures of the artwork, particularly it’s elemental lack of apparent reciprocity, unwaveringly pushes the viewer to put them together into the same aesthetic context. In turn, a new meaning evolves and gives birth to a poetic paradox, a concept that I have been developing for 6 years and include in each piece that I produce.I also want to share my own vision of life and what I think matters the most. Maybe the viewer will engage with my work in such a way that it encourages introspection or solves an issue, or possibly they may become morally disturbed and confused; but whatever the outcome, the ultimate intention of my work is to open a dialog and incite thought and reflection, which I think must be the primordial pursuit of contemporary art.

“At the center of artist Kikyz1313′s paintings are young children, their pale skin enveloped in tangled cocoons of feathers, bone, cloth and other natural elements. The startlingly detailed works reveal macabre elements as their bodies and faces are bisected to reveal their organs. These melancholy explorations of mortality and the cyclical nature of life are paired with a stunning mastery of technique and color balance…”
-JL Schabel from Juxtapoz Magazine
-English adaptation from Gail Picken