‘Heartaches desecrating the Table Temple’ | oil painting on 40×60 cm wood panel · 2020



‘Heartaches desecrating the Table Temple’

‘It is there, where the good manner parish dwells, and praise our holy sustenance with untarnished mood, in purest decency and tradition as we politely pray in lowered flat voices with a Yes, Please and a Thank You.
Never weeping in sadness nor rage, neither unmeasured joy might take place in the Table Temple, as the slightly heartache would turn bland any flavor, or disrupt the sacred appetite. As it is the beacon where the family get-together blossoms and what spare us from remembering the jumble of feelings and confusion we are doomed to carry by ourselves.

Please free us from corroding the foodstuff with the bitterness of heavy heart bile. Prevent us from feeling further than a grimace and Allow that heavy weight of fear of disapproval a relentless growth that’ll press us until we finally descend to the depths of the unfeeling!