The Why

I’m often asked why I choose the theme subjects I choose for my ‘artworks’, sometimes in a good curious and genuine way, some others in a rude and absurd one.
There’s been even some occasions that people have deduced that I come from an abusive family and that my childhood has been tortuous and violent, which is absolutely false of course.
I’m just an ordinary person who happens to be obsessive about observing people, contemplate life and with the urge to know and understand about things. Things about myself, about society, about nature, about life and about death, the Why and the consequences of the erratic human behaviors, but mainly obsessed when it comes about to understand the purpose of my existence and the purpose of my ability to draw.
Since I’m a teenager I’ve been attracted to tragedy, maybe due to the numbness of my life at that point, the simplicity of my background or maybe because tragedy was the only thing that made feel something strong enough to shake my brain as entrails and made me think or wonder. Therefore, with the years I learned that this fascination has grown and matured in a point where I take the tragedy as a way to represent my own conclusions about life, about others as well as about myself.
I also learned that in an anesthetized society where vanity, profit and self absorption, strong emotions are almost banned from our agreeable state of mind causing that anger, melancholy, discomfort, frustration, madness, etc. are set aside and repressed as a bad habit. Why? Because this emotions complement our humanity, lead us to wonder and question reality. And that’s too dangerous, right?
Death as well as horror are part of our description as humanity, a disgusting part of our mental structure, but certainly an existing predominant part of ourselves. It even has defined our history, traced our future and it still keeps shaping our nature, so why ignore it?
What would the point of hiding that out from sight?, just fool ourselves, yourself.
In my humble book of understanding, Art has proven me throughout history that it’s purpose of existence is to visually show the blessings but mostly the flaws of it’s society.
This resounded deep in my early years and ‘ TO SAY SOMETHING’ became a resolution in my work; to make evident our social and human flaws in order to unveil them, acknowledge them in hopes of understanding and therefore solve them.
Maybe some of the people would feel related to this kind of visual argument that’s about my work, or some other would feel offended, confused and confronted, To you, however the outcome – I thank you – because it’s for your own interpretation of the artwork that It is continuously nourishing itself, enlightening itself and elevating your own conscience about life and reality, it is making you THINK, WONDER and FEEL. And that’s how ideas transcend in memory.
That’s what I’m looking for.


Sincerely,  Kikyz.




2 thoughts on “The Why”

  1. capris
     ·  Reply

    this is amazing. my heart is warm and i am so speechless. everything you wrote, most espeically starting from the fourth paragraph are things i too have always, always, always thought throughout my life.

    emotions is what makes us human and so many people avoid feeling, thinking, being empathetic, or acknowledging they have any emotions.

    too many people act like robots, and with the great use of technology and the internet as a “norm” in society’s daily routine, there is an amplified obliviousness to how people constantly distract themselves so they don’t have to deal with what makes us feel most alive and what makes us want to die and every fragment in between.

    aside from that, i really love your artwork. i discovered it recently inside an art book at barnes and noble and your art immediately spoke to me and made me feel so comforted. “a soulfully denature” and “the disaster’s heiress” – were so heavenly to my eyes.

    i’m going to reread this blog again and again because i thought i was the only one who has ever thought all these things!

    love you so much!

    • Kikyz
       ·  Reply

      Very happy you could also relate to my thoughts! I think that the ‘political correctness’ it’s one of the most harming things that’s been happening to society lately. By rectricting the possibilities of expression we’re not preventing ‘social discomfort’ but encouraging the hyper-individualism, self absortion and repressing our freedom of speech.
      The political correct is no longer caring about the inclusion of minorities, I think that everyone it’s taking over this and deforming it’s principles to a selfish way to take advantage over others, only to feel the power (disguised as a ‘right’) of repressing others. Just as feminism is deforming it’s principles of equality genre to a predominance of one of the other. But I think I’m going way over the topic haha!

      I absolutely agree with you and that’s why I feel it’s necessary to say something with art, to shake ourselves from our sistematic way of life and keep trying to figure out the purpose of our existence, even if we fail but hoping we always preserve that spirit of wonder, which is what have kept humanity evolving and enlighting himself. 🙂

      Thank you again for commenting!

      (crappy strange english btw lol!)

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