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Earlier in this year I was contacted by 3D Total Publisher inquiring about a commissioned sketch for an upcoming book entitled ‘Masters of Sketching’. The idea behind the book was to create a manual gathering a bunch of different artists showing their process creating a sketch.

Sketching most of times is perceived as a preliminary step into the art making, like a disposable stage in art that most of artist don’t mind. However, I’ve always been of the idea that the sketch is a full artistic representation and most of times sketches contain the true intentions and raw expressiveness of the artists.

The sketch as it self is also the beacon of the visual arts but it also contains the pure talent of the artists: without good drawing skills, there is not much to say about an artist right?

‘Study for a child’s portrait’ · Kikyz1313’s sketch made for ‘Masters of Sketching’, Published by 3DTotal

This is the reason why I treasure those first visceral expressions contained in sketchy lines and it’s also why I save this exercise to the final pieces only. Yes, I don’t use to sketch beforehand as I feel most of times that pure emotion gets lost in the preliminary studies and it’s impossible to retrieve in the final piece.

However, I was deeply into participating in the book and I created a very detailed tutorial in how to draw hair, hands and faces plus some compositional advice.

Today I got green light to share with you the final image of the sketch I created for the tutorial, some photos of the physical product and a sneek peak of the inside.

If you’re into art as a professional of you just love to draw and want to improve your drawing skills this is a great manual to do so and learn from the many different perspectives and tips from all the artists. I also know that the pre-orders are available now and they give you free sketchbook and material with it.

Go check out this link to order or to know more:

If You’re also interested in owning the original sketch please just let me know via:





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