On the works: August


This months have been so busy I barely find time to update any social media and blogs!

But here I am, always happy to share my progress, this month I’ve been working on three things at the same time, something I don’t usually do as it is so hard for me to de-attach from any work I have in front of me, but I’m sure the practice will help me to speed up a lot my work time.

One of the works that are almost done in this upcoming days is my contribution for ‘LAX/LHR’ another curated group show from Thinkspace Gallery, this time at Stolen Space Gallery in London.

This will be my first time in London and so I wanted to hit London’s people very hard with a very emotional and filling graphite artwork. ‘Paraíso de la Pureza’ pushes a bit the boundaries of my usual figurativism and touches that tricky line of realism.

‘Paraíso de la Pureza’ (Purity Paradise in english) depicts the portrait of a girl, not the idolized girl type certainly.

Despite the unique circumstances in which she’s living she irradiate an inmmense innocence and beauty in her face expression and body language,  this made me think that the purity of childhood  is a paradise that preserves us from all damages and prejudice, the personal paradise of self understanding and freedom.

Another artwork in progress is the second graphite piece for my next year solo show in LA with Thinkspace Gallery, in this work series the figurativism dominates as the forms and figures blends with each other giving certain abstract feeling.

Claustrophobic, chaos and poetry.


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