‘Los niños empujan hacia la tumba’ interview with Milenio tv

Early this year I received the largest commission I’ve ever though, Milenio is a well known newspaper publisher in México, and since a couple of years ago they started to build an art collection to showcase talent from all the country.

This year project was entitled ‘El Mural del Milenio’ and I was invited to take part with a 1.70 x 1.10 meters of artwork. You probably know already I work very small formats as the technique I use is very demanding and doing great scale formats would take me too much time to complete.

The challenge then was there, and I happilly took it. After a month of planning, and three months of making in April 2015 I finished the piece. The next step on the project was an interview broadcasted both in national television, internet and also in newspapers.

Now I’m sharing the full image (you can check it out here) some details and the link to the interview.

Hope you like it!

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